Feel the sweet satisfaction as you smoke your
competition, WIN that eBay auction and never again
feel the gut-wrenching loss of being outbid / sniped
in the last auction second!


With HotSniper
eBay Sniping
Tools you get
these seven
smokin' features...

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  • Smokin' last 2 second bidding
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Failsafe 99.9% successful bids placed
  • Unlimited bids - bid on as many
    auctions as you want
  • Hotsniper bids for you when your
    computer is off
  • No downloads required
  • Email notification when outbid

HotSniper eBay Auction Sniper

HotSniper eBay Sniper is the NO#1 eBay auction sniper tool. As a savvy eBay shopper you know to wait until the eBay auction ends before bidding. HotSniper is your scheduled auto-bidding too. Simply tell HotSniper which eBay auction item you want to bid on and how much your maximum bid is. HotSniper then places your eBay snipe in the last two seconds of the auction ending.

Win more eBay auctions with HotSniper eBay auction sniping tool

Let HotSniper do your eBay sniping for you. With HotSniper eBay Sniper Software you don't need to sit by your computer and wait until the eBay auction ends. Simply set your eBay snipe and forget it. Rest easy knowing that HotSniper eBay Sniper Software will place your bid and eBay snipe automatically at the auction end.
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